Co-living is stress on community sense, shared facilities and
spaces to build a convenient lifestyle


Well- furnitured. High speed wifi, cleaning room services


Community event: yoga club, exploring local’ culture. meeting liked-mind people under one roof, privilege membership


Beautiful interior design, warmly shared space for membership


Some want to remove the hassle out of their life by paying one bill that covers everything.

Others are tired of house shares that have gone wrong, fed up of bad landlords and tired of waiting months to get anything fixed.

And many people move in because they want the community.

A recent Wired magazine article about co-living pointed out that “among the young, the "loneliness epidemic" has gone viral: nearly 60 per cent of 18- to-34-year-olds told the Mental Health Foundation they felt lonely often or sometimes.”

So whatever your reason, there may be something in co-living for you


Fully furnitured

Forget about the fridge, bedsheet, etc. We carry on all of it. Just grab your clothes and move in

High speed Wifi

Connecting the world via high speed wifi


If you want to transfer to another home or room within the Jump community, just send a request

Private bedroom

Own your private space. Opt a room designed for singles or couples

Community events

Meeting liked mind people, figure out local culture or do some activities likes yoga, movie night and other fun thing

JUMP privilege partners

Members will get 20% discount up from a range of products or services from Jump partner. (food, transportation,etc)

Community Spaces

Sharing the kitchen room, bathroom, and common room.

Cleaning service

We using this service weekly to make sure your spaces always clean